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Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Our method provides a low-moisture, fast-drying, no residue cleaning that refreshes even the most stubborn of old carpets. Our orbital machines prevent dirt and stains from hiding in the bottom of your carpet.

Unlike steam cleaning, which often leaves soil and stains at the base of the fibers, the oscillating and rotating motions of our machine lifts it all out from the base to the top of the fiber, catching it on a terry cloth cotton pad and thoroughly cleaning your carpet. This helps your carpet stay cleaner longer because the oscillating action cleans all sides of the carpet fiber. Our method also lifts and separates even matted carpet fibers to help restore a full, textured, and newer look, even to older carpets.

We use a water-based solvent cleaner with a light, fresh scent. It is hypoallergenic, child and pet-friendly, and leaves no residue in your carpet. No residue means nothing for new soil and stains to adhere to more quickly, helping you to have a cleaner, safer space in your home for a longer period.

Our residential and commercial services include cleaning all types of carpet, area rugs of any size, and stairs. There are no hidden fees. Our estimate covers it all, including pet stains and odors.

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